We all have times in our lives where we struggle. I am no different at the moment. However whilst it seems like an eternity sometimes and we feel like we are standing still progress is being made even if it is not apparent to us in the present moment. Eventually our progress will show and we will shine brightly.

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Leadership – Transparency

Can you imagine a world where all our leaders are transparent? Would this be a good thing or not? Perhaps any downside of transparency where seemingly impossible problems are raised as result would be outweighed by the possible solutions that others would bring.

So if look at the current environment it is even more important to be clear and transparent as a leader. We too often see leaders with the best intentions but end up talking spin instead of just saying how it is and giving people the facts. People relate more and believe more those who talk clearly and concisely instead of talking spin.

It is a time now even more when we should be building relationships in our teams and in society. We can only do this when our leaders are transparent and listen to feedback from people. Where leaders who are effective in this will make them stand out from the crowd and respected more.

Leaders who clearly communicate in a language we all can understand have an advantage over those who cannot. The advantage of been able to get their message across quickly and concisely and being heard by the broader audience. This is even more critical in our world now with so many diverse people and complex societies that we now have. Being able to cut through and communicate to all is and will continue to be a vital tool as we forge ahead into the post-pandemic world.

We as leaders need to recognise that it will take many months, even years for the world to recover from the pandemic. However we can recover quicker if we are willing to face the crisis we now face and deal with it in a mature way. We need to put aside our differences and start to have open conversations about how we will forwards as a nation and a world. If we are transparent in doing so as leaders in facilitating these discussions then the more likely people will listen.

There is hope for all of us yet however we as leaders and leaders all around the world regardless of where they are or what industry need to lead the way and transparency is one of the keys in leadership to get us moving forwards again.

Transparency – crystal clear


Having the right attitude in every situation will help you overcome any obstacles you face. It will also help you get through the day and your happiness will not be dependent on how others feel about you or your current circumstances.

Knowing that things will not always go your way helps with dealing any disappointments you face in life. Knowing that you have a good attitude will help you to rebound and get going again as well.

So today will you have the right attitude?

U.S. Navy grants waiver allowing transgender sailor to serve openly

Great to see that “the U.S. Navy has granted a waiver to allow a transgender sailor to continue her military service” (See 1. Below). One can hope by the U.S. Navy taking this stance and granting this waiver that it will spur others to do likewise in the military.

Allowing a transgender person to live as their preferred gender and gender identity is a basic human right. People should be allowed to live their life and encouraged to participate to the fullest of their abilities without been held back because of their gender or gender identity. Whilst this is a milestone decision it is one that shouldn’t be or one that should be in the news because it should be the “norm” that transgender people can live as such and work as such in the military and elsewhere in society.

One shouldn’t have to get a waiver to serve so let us hope this decision will make the way for the future and more to be continue to serve as their preferred gender and gender identity without fear or prejudice and to do so openly. Hopefully one day such discrimination will be a thing of the past however the reality is that it will always be with.

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Breaking the Silence

Imagine a world without pain or suffering and one which is diverse and inclusive. Well we can have such a world if we really want to if the will is there. This year’s theme of IDAHOBIT day of breaking the silence is all about sharing our stories so we can lift up our community and celebrate the LGBTIQA+ community.

Too often transgender people like myself and others suffer in silence with little support or understanding from people in society. If you are bisexual or homosexual or bisexual and transgender then are you more likely to be at risk if you are open about yourself to those around you as not everyone understands or is accepting of us. If we can change society’s perception of us then we can start to build a more diverse and inclusive society instead of one that is divisive.

To truly create a world and society that is willing to embrace others then we must put aside our differences and biases so we listen to each other with empathy. This would help in breaking down barriers we all face in the LGBTIQA+ community and begin a new world of understanding and openness.

Breaking the silence is so much more than that, it is also about creating a world where people have the courage and freedom to share their stories without fear or retribution. Having a world where phobia of LGBTQIA+ people doesn’t exist or is so limited it doesn’t show on the radar is so important to creating the world, the society we all want.

Keep similing

Keep smiling even when times are tough. We can keep going with the right attitude. If we have the right attitude then eventually things will turn around for us. Things will get better and we will get stronger and become more happier and abundant. Life is rich so enjoy all it has to offer.