Share your story

Never be ashamed of who you or what you have done. Always be proud of who you are, where you have been, what you have done and never be ashamed of what you have been through no matter how tough or sad.

As I have discovered this year on my journey life can have its great moments and its moments that have taken me to the darkest places in my soul.  However through all my experiences this year and these moments in my life I have grown stronger and has made a new person.

Without have going through this I wouldn’t have grown and changed and is part of my story I intend to share it in the coming months. I know and believe that if my story can even inspire one person to be better, be the best version of them or to kick bad habits in their lives then it is worth sharing my story.  We all have a story to tell so share it as you never know who it will inspire and whose life you might save.




Creation and adrenal fatigue

Today I managed to create my first WordPress website for blogging. For me this was a steep learning curve and showed me that you can create something from nothing. was able to set up website and link it to my Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts easily.

Whilst it is a work in progress I am very happy that I was able to set it up myself with limited website expertise or design skills. It has been on mind for awhile to set up a blog page like this to share information such as useful websites and other information  as well as my story.

So , on my first blog I would like to share with everyone a website a friend told me about regarding adrenal fatigue which is basically a syndrome that results when adrenal glands function below the normal level which is caused by stress. Adrenal glands are ‘endocrine glands that produce a variety of hormones and are found about every the kidneys’ (Wikipedia search).  So if you google Dr James L. Wilson’s website you will find further information and the questionnaire to see you fatigue level. Well worth a look.

Apart from that no other news. I have had quiet Christmas and looking forward to summer.