What’s important to you?

Do you ever ask yourself what’s important to you? Is it your family or your business or your career?

Whilst I have found that the most people ask themselves these questions they only do so irregularly. In my experience I have found that by writing out my gratitude list each day, first thing in the morning that it reminds me of what is important to me as well as what I am grateful of. 

If we all ask ourselves every morning when we get up the question of what’s important to me then maybe we all be the better for it because it should remind us of why we do what we do.  

So What’s Important to You?

Love to hear people’s views on this and comments on this. 

Make others feel good

In my journey I have found that most people forget where what I have said or what I did for them and some even where meet. However, those people who I see regularly or infrequently always remember how I made them feel.
If you are kind to yourself and feel beautiful on the inside then this will reflect on the outside. People will notice you by the way you feel and you will make them feel good themselves by your mere presence.
If we make people feel good about themselves we can all make a ripple effect which changes not only those around us but those around the people you meet and make feel good.

So make a difference today even if in a small way for the better.  


If you have done something that has made you smile then always cherish that. Life is too short to have regrets.
I know my life is short so I have never regretted doing something that me smile. Also by smiling at myself and small things life it has brought smiles to a lot of other people, mostly complete strangers on the street.

So in all the madness let us remember to smile and also take time to do things that make us smile.  

Anything’s Possible 

I have found in my journey that if I put my attention, focus and mind to it I can get things done and do things I never thought possible.
By changing my mindset I now realise that anything is possible that I want to achieve. If we firstly believe in ourselves, no matter what the obstacles are then we can achieve anything.  

It takes baby steps I have found to grow and become a better version of yourself. So if we stat true to our inner core then anything’s possible. We are only limited by our imagination or lack of belief that what we are striving for will eventually come into fruition. 

So be patient and believe, truly believe Anything’s Possible.  

Seeds of change 

By planting the seeds (thoughts) of change in my mind I am now seeing the benefits of this and I am starting to blossom like a beautiful flower.  
Through doing some of my affirmations over a period of time I can see that some of them are starting to work i.e. I am comfortable in my skin. I have been saying this daily and when out recently for lunch and later on at a cafe I realised that I was comfortable showing off my legs in public. I was wearing a dress 👗 a bit shorter than I normally wear and was hardly conscious of this or showing off my legs.

Change is happening, maybe faster than I realise or can see. We all can change, it is up to us though.  

Crying For Joy 

The most important thing at the end of the day is that you can smile and cry before you go to bed. Only god can see you cry or smile when you are alone. 

So however we feel, no matter how small we think we are or insignificant god stills loves us and sees our joy and pain.

If we go through our pain, then the joy that comes with that is immeasurable.


I have found that my life has not changed by chance for the better however by investing in myself and taking action then I have changed for the better.

If you believe that your life will somehow change by some chance meeting or event and get better then your life may never change or get better. It is better to make changes in our lives no matter how small for or lives to get better.

By change I have gone through much pain and shed many tears however by going through this and make changes in my life it is better and getting better. So make the changes you need to make to make your life better and not only will you be better, you will also be better.   


Fear has two meanings. If we forget everything and run away from every challenge or event that scares us the how can we expect to grow? 
If we fail to face challenges in our lives then we stand still or go backwards. Do we want to grow or not? 

If we face challenges and/or events in our lives that scare us then we can grow. By facing everything in our lives and any curveballs that come our way we can find solutions to everything that comes our way.

I have had many challenges in my journey in the last few years however by facing them I have managed to find solutions. By doing this I have risen up and am a better, more confident, creative and stronger person for it.

Darkness and happiness 

Even when we go through our darkest moments we can find happiness. I have found of late that when I go through any dark times or feel a bit lost or down that the only way to get through it is remember happier times. 

                                                                             Also, I have found by writing and sharing about what I go through others, good or bad helps me a lot. To be able to share your journey with others is a privilege, one we should not take for granted. 

                                                                                 As I have these moments in life I feel the pain inside and I remember that it is only temporary and that as I go through it and release the pain that I will come out stronger the other side. I also keep in perspective that their are happier times ahead for me. 

                                                                                 So if I turn on the switch and then the light comes on then happiness will shine through brightly. One cannot have light without darkness so let your happiness shine brightly. Let go and light up.  


Even if we are small we can be the most grateful person on the planet. If we start the day by thinking about what we already have in our lives and be grateful for it then we can achieve anything.

If we our truly grateful now when we will be even more grateful when we have more. One of the key things to being successful in life or business is to be grateful every day of our lives so more will be given to us.

If we don’t appreciate what we have now how will we appreciate it if we have more?  And how can we have more if we don’t appreciate what we have now? 

So be truly grateful every day of your life. Challenge yourself to write down a list of things you are truly grateful for every day. You never know if might just change who you, the way you think and your life.