Darkness and happiness 

Even when we go through our darkest moments we can find happiness. I have found of late that when I go through any dark times or feel a bit lost or down that the only way to get through it is remember happier times. 

                                                                             Also, I have found by writing and sharing about what I go through others, good or bad helps me a lot. To be able to share your journey with others is a privilege, one we should not take for granted. 

                                                                                 As I have these moments in life I feel the pain inside and I remember that it is only temporary and that as I go through it and release the pain that I will come out stronger the other side. I also keep in perspective that their are happier times ahead for me. 

                                                                                 So if I turn on the switch and then the light comes on then happiness will shine through brightly. One cannot have light without darkness so let your happiness shine brightly. Let go and light up.  

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