Bad experiences 

In the past bad experiences that I had nearly destroyed me or broke me. However by using the pain that comes from these experiences in a positive way it strengthens me.

By keeping strong and having faith in what I am doing then I grow even stronger. 

If we all become stronger then we can do great things because we the inner strength and clarity to do so.

The power within

If we think that we have no power then we will have no power. 
I believe that we all have power within us, the power to do good, the power to make positive change in the world. If we realise we have this power and harness it then we can do great things.

Having found my passion and purpose to set up a foundation I draw upon my power to start to connect with people in a positive way.  

Harnessing my power to believe, have faith and be strong when it seems like nothing is happening.

So if we believe we have power then own that power and use it wisely to do great things.   

Do you use your power? Do you know you even have power within? 

Positive Life 

One of the things I have learned in my journey is that for me to have a positive life I can’t be negative. I have learned that the two do not mix very well if at all. 
I have found by changing my mindset and the way I look at life that my inner thought process is more positive. No longer do I have the negative thoughts that held me back in the past.

If we are to lead positive lives and do positive things then we need to have not only a positive mind but also the right mindset and a positive outlook on life.

If we choose to lead a positive life then we can do not only positive things but great things.    

What way will choose to live? 


In my journey I have found that the opportunities to learn new skills have come about because I have created the situation for them to come about.I have also found in my experience that opportunities which I have taken are as a result of me creating them.

I believe that if we truly know what we want and are focused we can create the opportunities for this to occur. Knock and the door shall open. Ask and you shall receive.

It is all up to us to create the opportunities and take those opportunities we are meant to take. Will you create your opportunities that want to attract to into your life? 

Never Quit 

Sometimes when we things don’t go our way we feel like giving up, we want to quit.
We have a setback in our lives our business or career and we think why I am on this path? Why did I start on this path?    

This is when we need to create space for ourselves and reconnect with ourselves and our purpose. If we do this then we will realise why we started and our next step. 

I have had setbacks in my life and my search to find people to help me start up he foundation however I keep going, keep believing though I feel like giving up.   

The pain of giving up and not making a difference in the world is more the pain of not doing it. So never give up, keep going.  

Ask and courage to do so

If you have courage to ask for what you want then you actually get it.
I have found in my journey that if you are brave and ask for what you want then actually may get it.

In my experience I have found also by taking this action of asking that then people actually respond better and are prepared to give their time to speak to you.

So go for it. Have the courage to ask for what you want. 

3 siimple rules

If you have a vision and a purpose then start working towards it if you aren’t already. If you go for it then you maybe pleasantly surprised the changes that occur in your life and the people you meet.
I have found that if you knock on doors and ask for what you want that sometimes you get what you are asking.  

By taking steps forwards towards my vision and purpose I have been happily surprised by the offers of help and the changes it has made in my life.  

So if you follow these 3 simple rules you never know what might happen. Make some magic.

3 Things

Words alone are not enough. I have found that if we say what we want and then back this up with actions and the right attitude we can succeed.
We can and if we have the will then we can create anything we want with the power of intention and strong belief. If we are strong

enough and we are persistent then we will succeed.

Are you ready to believe in yourself and do what it takes? 

Our inner strength and power

Are you being who you are meant to be?
Do you know you have power and strength within you?

I know have because I have drawn upon it time and time again to get through my dark times and to continue to grow. If we use this inner strength and power then we can do what we want to do and are meant to be doing. 

My courage and bravery on my journey has been a direct result of finding my inner strength and power and continually drawing upon it.

Do you?