Positive committee 

If you ever have negative thoughts then tell them to stop. Don’t listen to the negative committee.
Create a new committee in your mind. The Positive Committee. 

All we have to do is decide and then change.  

Create the change you want in your mind. A positive mindset backed by a positive committee.


I am strong, brave and courageous. I am a leader, a teacher, a coach, a mentor. 
Who Are You? What are you?

By acknowledging who you are and defining who you are then you can declare to the world who you are. However in the first instance you need to truly understand who you are. 

Be careful what or who you say what or who you are as it may come true. Know thyself so you can shape the reality you really want not the present reality you have now.

We can get better

In my experience I have found that by doing the best I can has meant I have still got done even though could have been done better. I believed that I could get better if I chose to do so.  

By choosing to become better through learning from my mistakes, investing in myself and learning from others life experiences I got better. I became better in life and in what I do. 
By becoming better I am doing better and this means also means I am a better person. 

We can all get better if we chose to. Make the choice to become better because if we all did the world would be a better place.