Storms in our lives 

I hope everyone is having a great day/evening today.
I am dressed up today as going to book launch for book of inspiration for women by women which I contributed to. Today reminds me of the storms (troubles) I have gone through in my life on my journey.

I have gotten through them and come out a better and stronger person because of it. Learning to be calm during my storms has helped me a lot.

If we all can slow down and just take a breathe and realise that our storms our temporary and we have the inner strength and skills to get through them. 

I have has some challenges in my transition and journey, especially the last couple of years.   It has been tough going thorough a lot of my owm and dealing with discrimination and bullying from others and even been sexually harassed.  However because of going through all these experiences I have learned, been stretched and as a result I have grown. 

We all have situations we find ourselves in whether of our own making or seeminggly beyond our control.  No matter how hard it maybe at the time or has been remember that if you survive those situations which were horrible or not great then have faith that you can keep going.  Whatever you have been through just take at a day at a time and believe it will get better.

I trust everyone has a great day/evening and keep cool and calm.




Hi All,
Ready for another day, maybe wet and cold outside however I am warm on the inside.

Been a transgender female has its challenges. Still I got up today and got ready for the long day today.

Maybe challenging to feel happy on such a cold, wet day outside however I have a lot to look forward to. 

We all have daily challenges however it is up to us to decide how we tackle them and our attitude we decide to have in handling them.

Only we can choose.

Have great day everyone.

Cheers Melissa

Interview with Thrive Global from last month 

Hi All,

I am 46 year old transgender female who lives in Melbourne and recently was interviewed by Thrive Global about my story and challenges I have overcome. 

I have faced a lot of discrimination and hatred or negative comments in my transition and journey. 

I am sharing this interview with you as I am raising awareness around issues transgender people have gone through and face and around gender identity and what it is.

I am still in process of looking for people to help me set up my foundation to educate employers on gender identity and help transgender people in their journey.  

I have written a small part in book of inspirational quotes for women by women due to be launched end of next month and intend to write my story as well.
Please read the interview and if you would like to help in any way it would really be appreciated.

Link to interview below:

Beautiful things 

In my experience I have found that when you are from people or infuences that are negative then beautiful things can happen. By letting go of the negatives in my life then more positive things have come into my life.
The positive energy that I now have is a result of changing myself and what I believe in, how I view life and having a positive mindset. 

If we want beautiful things in our lives then we have to rid ourselves of the negative things in order for us to allow the beauty to shine in us and outwardly toward others.

Controversy in Illinois 

A school project has caused controversy in Illinois. People are still confronted by transgender people and rights. 
What this student had to endure around bullying is terrible. All she did was do a school project on trans rights. What a shame that some people took to social media to bully her despite the project been well received by her class mates.

A pity a few of the local deputy sheriffs didn’t take her claims about bullying seriously initially. Thankfully some good will come out if it with further education for school however it highlights the need for more education and awareness on transgender people and transgender rights.