I hope you all have a beautiful and meaningful day.  

Often we forget to appreciate life or what we have or is around us. We never take the time to pause for a moment or stop to even smell the roses or look at the beautiful sunrise or sunset.
We even forget to think what we have in our lives and smile and be happy about it. If we actually stopped and thought about our lives deeply in a quiet space we would realise their is a lot to appreciate.

Quite often we get caught up in our own drama, emotions, life, or other people’s lives to appreciate anything. We focus on the negativity and forget the positivity so we fail to even think about appreciating anything.

If we take a moment to step away from others and our lives and look at our lives as if from the outside then we would see how much we have to appreciate. We would see that we have a great home to live in or great friends. We would appreciate our animals more when they greet us at the door when we get home from work.

We might even start to appreciate nature more. So pause, reflect and remember to appreciate. Start a new trend amongst your friends and appreciate one thing about them and tell them. You never know they might just appreciate you back.

Have an appreciative day/evening everyone wherever you are in the world at the moment. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile.


At Ballarat Heritage Weekend where I met the lovely Charlotte Smith and Tara Moss.
You know in life we sometimes forget how grateful we should be for what we have now.  Today I was fortunate enough to met and speak to Charlotte Smith, Tara Moss and Jacinta Tynan.  Both lovely ladies and it was a privilege and an honour to meet them both. 

We are lucky to live in a country where we can still go out freely without too many restrictions.  We are able to commute by bus, car, train or plane to other parts of the state or territory we live in Australia or other parts of Australia and the world.  

What freedom we have and quite often we fail to recognise this or remember this. We should count our blessings.  Life is short. Be grateful for what you have.

Me,  I am grateful for having the freedom to be able to travel to Ballarat today and meet such wonderful women.  Also to see some of the amazing fashion from the 1950’s on display was great.

So be grateful for what you have so much more can be given to you,

Getting things done slowly

Today been Friday is the end of the working week for a lot of us.  However for some of us who have weekend jobs or families or attempting to start up a business  work seems to never end. The bills seem to keep piling up and there never seems to be enough time in the day.

I have found in my experience that if i take a break, just stop and pause for a momentI can breathe again. The hecticness seems to stop and start to feel a bit more at ease, less worried.  I am able to sit down and plan my day or weekend or my week ahead and get things done as well as some chill time for me.

So next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed take a break. Just slow down a bit and suddenly you realise there is time to plan ahead. Time to get things done and time to relax.  There is always plenty of time if you allow for it and control your time and not let time control you.

Some of Photos from AWEI Australian LGBTQI Awards 

Here are some of the photos from the Australia LGBTQI awards. You should be able to spot the two I am in as I am the only lady in red dress. 
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Slowing down 

Sometimes we face challenges that we can overcome easily and others not so easily. When we are faced challenges it is to forget to look after ourselves. I know even I am do sometimes. 
I have found in my experiences that if I take my time and breathe a bit I am able to handle the challenges that life throws at me. It is easy to get caught up in the moment, in what we are doing.

It is more challenging to actually slow down and not rush. I am going a bit slower than normal today and feel more calmer and relaxed a result. It is good feeling to have.

Whilst at first it seems completely different to not to rush in the morning I know if I make it a habit to take my time each day I will benefit in the long run.

So today if we all slow down it will help us have a better day.

Bumps in the road

Hi Everyone, 
I hope everyone has a beautiful and meaningful day. 

Most of us have dreams, or a vision that we want to come into reality. Sometimes we let our circumstances or circumstances around us deter us or even stop us from working towards our dream or vision.

Instead we should continue to focus on seeing our dreams, vision come into reality. I have found this a huge challenge for me lately. Letting short term circumstances prevent me from keeping moving forward so I understand if others do too.  

Being able to be still and pause for a moment makes me realise that this is only temporary and to keep going, keep moving forward. To keep having faith and belief that answers will come, that 🚪 🚪🚪will open for me and continue to do so even if I can’t see it now.

If we don’t fall into the trap of being negative and remain positive then we can speak positive things into our lives. So today I will do this and continue to believe, have faith and believe miracles happen.  

I hope you do too.