I hope you all have a beautiful and meaningful day.
I have had a few days to rest as been unwell. We all need to rest sometimes and sometimes we forget to do so. 

We get too busy and so consumed with our own lives we fail to recognise the signs we need to slow down. If we only slowed down a fraction and paused for a few moments we may see the signs are there that we need a rest.

By giving ourselves a rest we can recoup, regather and restore. By this I mean we can recoup our energy and space. The energy to do things and the space we need to have some quiet time to reflect. 

We can regather our thoughts and emotions so we can check in with ourselves. Then we can assess where we are at and see if we need to rebalance or realign in any way. 

We can restore our health and vitality by resting and eating the right food and water. 

By following this process and implementing it to ensure we make it part of our lives then we can lead more fulfilling and purposeful lives. 

Have a great day everyone. 

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