I hope everyone has a beautiful and meaningful day.
Today I want to talk to you about steadiness. Been steady is important when we are going through difficult situations/set of circumstances. By been steady I mean remaining calm, resilient and untroubled.

Too often we look for quick and instant answers. We want it now we want it fast. Fortunately if we take the approach that the answers will come if just are patient enough. We sometimes have to search for the answers which takes time.

We ask ourselves or others the questions we need to ask to find the answers we need. Or sometimes we find the answers through reading a book or researching on the internet. And sometimes through meditation we come up with the answers. 

Remember as we go through these times that we will come out the other end a better person, stronger and wiser. These times in our lives build character and strength. So embrace them with love and open arms and then you will really build character, resilience and strength.

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