Ban on transgender people to be able to serve in US military

Sadly however predictably Trump bans. Transgender people from serving in the armed forces. What sort of message does this send to the rest of the community in America?
Also will this further alienate transgender people from society in America?

Do we not have human rights all of us?  

When will the world wake up and stand up and ensure we have human rights for all not just a peril of society?


When you have hope and believe in hope then anything is possible. Any dream you have is possible to create and bring into reality.

If you can have faith that your dreams will come true along with hope then they will. Having hope changes your perspective on life and changes the way you think about things.

What seemed intangible and impossible becomes not only tangible but also possible. We are only limited by our imagination.

Have hope because hope changes everything and every aspect of your life.


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Quality of Life 

Life is short however we sometimes we think our lives will last forever. It is important in our lives to remember we only have one chance at life. Life is precious yet we abuse our lives or even those around us to fill someselfish gain.  

Instead we should embrace life, ensure we have great quality of life and help others to also have a great quality of life. Whilst some may argue that quantity of life is more important than quality I say that quality is most important.  

We should all look after ourselves and those around us who we love and care for. If we do this then we are making only our lives better however also those around us as well.