Hi Everyone,

I hope you have a beautiful and meaningful day.

You know we all fear something whether we like to admit or not. My fear has always been public speaking. Recently I have started public speaking on a few panels as part of panel discussion. Doing that was a huge learning curve for me.

However last night I spoke to a peer group of psychologists for nearly half an hour and then had another half an hour of answering questions.

Speaking for nearly an hour all up was probably the most hardest thing I have done in my limited public speaking career.

I felt the fear beforehand and did it anyway. To be a role model for future generations of Transgender people then I need to lead the way, think like a Queen and not be afraid to fail or get it wrong sometimes. The trick for me and all of us is to remember where we are going, your end destination.

If you realise that it is just another stepping stone in your journey and feel the fear and do it anyway then you will grow. You will start to become the person you should be and a better version of yourself.

Please Nominate me for the 2018 Australian LGBTI awards

Hey everyone,

Please nominate me for the 2018 Australian LGBTI awards in Hero or Celebrity category or other category as you wish, you still have plenty of time. Nominations still open till 10/09.

The more nominations I get the more likely I get shortlisted to be in top 10 and get through to the Voting Stage.


Thank you 😊


Being grateful when times are tough isn’t easy however if you do so it will help to keep you positive and happy. If you are grateful, say you are grateful and mean your grateful then you will start to feel better straight away.

On days when you have a negative mindset it will help change your negative mindset into a positive mindset. Keep believing that things will get better and keep been faithful to the belief that they will.

By being positive it will flow thorough to other areas of your life. By being faithful you get through the bad times easier. By being grateful for what you have now, your situation and your life you will be truly blessed and life will get better for you.


True friendship can be a rare thing. You can have a lot of friends you have known for a long while. Some of those people maybe great people, some not so great. However, true friends walk in your life and stand by you.

True friends are your counsellor, your mate and most importantly they are their for you to listen and when you need them.

They are proud in be your life, make your life better by knowing them and proud to stand aside you. A true friend whom you love, trust and respect. Walk with your friends in their lives and be proud to so because you life will be so much the richer for doing so.