Beauty comes from within. If we allow ourselves to shine and be true to ourselves then this will show to the rest of the world. True beauty comes from the soul and our spirit.

If you see the photos below of me smiling you may not be able to tell how sad I once was.

When you go through pain and suffering you learn a lot about yourself and the people around you. If you are able to go through this process, recognise why you are unhappy and in pain then you are able to start to move forwards.

Finding reasons to live and be happy even when circumstances around you may not be great is a challenge. However I have overcome this challenge and many other challenges in my journey. I am proud to say I am truly happy and at peace with myself now though many exciting challenges and times lay ahead for me.

I can never thank the Awesome Photographer Kelly from Albatross Photography and Design for without her the photos, her support and many others the photos may have never been possible. More importantly because of her support and many others I am still here and going strong.

To sisterhood – long may it thrive and reign. 😊❤️😊.

Be Positive Always

In times of strife or uncertainty we must all remain strong and positive. If our attitude is positive then we can overcome any obstacles in our and achieve the impossible. If our attitude is negative then we won’t be able to overcome any obstacles in our way.

Our attitude determines our success in life so be positive and always remain positive. Life brings us gifts and surprises when we least expect it. What we are dreaming for and hoping will come to us if we are patient and keep believing in ourselves, and that the universe will bring it to us.

By believing with a positive attitude, working hard, and focusing on our vision on a daily basis we become unstoppable and the universe will bring it to us when we least expect it. Have the right attitude and be patient as this will determine your direction in life and your success.


In this current climate of uncertainty and lack of compassion by some in the same sex marriage debate we often forget what we are here for and to remain compassionate ourselves.

Our main purpose in the time we are given on this earth is to help others, help them grow and not hurt them. We need to be both kind and compassionate toward others as we fulfil our destiny and purpose.

If we help others we are also helping ourselves as we learn new things about others by doing so we also learn new things about ourselves. The key is to listen as well as speak when teaching others. Learning to tune into what a person needs help with so we can truly help them and add value to their lives.

So change our thinking about so inwardly focused so we can grow and help others better. Be our purpose, be kind, be compassionate.


Vote Yes for Marriage Equality, for Love and Human Rights. Love ❤️ knows no Boundaries, it doesn’t care who you are or your sexual preference. Love is all conquering.

When you get your Ballot Paper please vote Yes and send it back. Every YES VOTE COUNTS.

What may seem impossible is always possible if we all band together and vote Yes. When we stand up for what we believe in and vote for change that will bring a positive effect to society then we are truly doing the right thing.

Be Brave, Ne Strong and Vote Yes for a better future of equality and love ❤️.

Keynote Speaker

Great to be keynote speaker at Alpine Valley Community Leadership Program conference in Melbourne recently. Great to be able to share some of my journey as an LGBTQI advocate. Been able to speak about my leadership journey and advocacy to help others I found ver rewarding.

Also to be able share of some of insights and tips on leadership as an advocate and chairperson of foundation setting up to educate employers on gender identity and help transgender people.

I look forward to see great future leaders come out if this program.