Beauty comes from within. If we allow ourselves to shine and be true to ourselves then this will show to the rest of the world. True beauty comes from the soul and our spirit.

If you see the photos below of me smiling you may not be able to tell how sad I once was.

When you go through pain and suffering you learn a lot about yourself and the people around you. If you are able to go through this process, recognise why you are unhappy and in pain then you are able to start to move forwards.

Finding reasons to live and be happy even when circumstances around you may not be great is a challenge. However I have overcome this challenge and many other challenges in my journey. I am proud to say I am truly happy and at peace with myself now though many exciting challenges and times lay ahead for me.

I can never thank the Awesome Photographer Kelly from Albatross Photography and Design for without her the photos, her support and many others the photos may have never been possible. More importantly because of her support and many others I am still here and going strong.

To sisterhood – long may it thrive and reign. 😊❤️😊.

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