Melissa Griffiths personal comments on Judge in US blocks Trump’s Ban on Transgender Troops serving in Military.

Here is breaking story in US about Judge blocks Trump’s Ban on Transgender Troops serving in Military:

My personal comments and opinion on this:

Finally, common sense is starting to prevail in US over policy to ban transgender troops serving in the military as been blocked by a Judge. The policy as the Judge rightly points in this article is based not on facts but on “a desire to express disapproval of transgender people generally.” It seems that there is a desire by some in the White House to “remove transgender people” currently serving in the military from the military. Why would you want to let transgender people go from the military if they are serving their country, are loyal and worthy to be serving their country in the military?

In my own personal opinion that is seems as an outsider looking in that decisions like this are based more on fear than fact. We live in an ever changing world where we are making advances in so many areas of our lives and human rights. Yet here we are in 2017 and still we are lagging in the human rights of transgender people. We are still been discrminated against. In Victoria, when I changed my name, my name changed to Melissa Chloe Griffiths yet my gender still shows male.  

Why do we need sex affirmation surgery ( to have our sex changed a state level? Or if you are a transgender person like me not born in Victoria “apply for a Recognised Details certificate that recognises your sex” ( When will common sense prevail so that we can change our sex/gender without the need for approval? 

So I am glad at least in the US a judge has made the courageous decision to block the ban on transgender troops serving in the military and allow them to continue to serve in the military as it “likely violated the equal protection clause of the Constitution” ( I hope this sends a signal to the rest of the world that transgender people have rights just like everyone else and deserve their place in the world. We should be allowed the basic human rights and dignities that other people in society enjoy. We are not much different to other people and transgender should be allowed to serve in the Military in the USA.

I am a beautiful transgender person as my photos below depict. Allow me and other transgender people to be part of society fully.

My view on court case

Please have a read of this article below regarding court case where father lost bid to block daughter to have sex change operation. I hope one day this won’t be necessary and parents with transgender children can just go to their local GP to get approval to start hormone therapy. Their local GP could also determine if referral to psychologist or psychiatrist is needed to deal with any mental health issues.

Trans troops

I echo the sentiments of Ray Griggs. People should respect those transgender troops who serve in the military.

I believe need to start looking at the positive influence trans troops would bring to military and that we are all people who are valuable. We can contribute to society in a meaningful and productive way.

We shouldn’t negative views of some create a state of almost “hysteria” over the issue of spending by the military on gender related healthcare. Let us see the positives instead and have a more balanced and sensible approach to this.

Please read the article below for further information.

Melissa Griffiths – Be nice

Hey everyone,

Have a beautiful and meaningful day.

Yesterday someone laughed at me as I walked past them. Whilst they may laugh at me and it initially hurts upon reflection I realised that is them with the problem not me. They think I am funny or weird looking however I know that I am not.

I am not a man in a dress or a tranny or a drag queen or a crossdresser or dressing up for a lark.

I am a beautiful transgender woman.

The next time someone pokes fun at you just remember they probably have crap lives so only pleasure they can get is by being nasty towards others. Also think twice before you want to poke fun at someone as never know who they are or what they are going through.

Transgender woman like myself have to go through a lot to transition and in daily life so be nice to us. We deserve it.

Transgender employees

Please read this article on research on why employer support is so important for transgender employees. I went through anxiety attacks as I started the process of transition. It is a scary thing to go through and if you don’t have the support of your employer it makes it harder.

I know many people who struggle with this and have met some who may never transition for fear of losing their job or the stigma that goes with been transgender. I know that I lost friends when I transitioned, it is a tough enough journey as it is let alone trying to hold down a job as well.

If employers really supported their employees and understood the process of transition then they would be more empathic towards transgender employees. If employers took a more holistic approach to transgender employees then they are more likely to have less issues in the workplace. Also if they treated them better and like human beings not second class citizens then their employers would have great transgender employees.

It is sad that still today we have to stand up to be treated like other people and better human rights just to be who we are. Transgender people like me are just people who want to work, be productive and contribute in a positive way in society with the support of our peers, friends, family and the community at large.

Melissa Griffiths – Bumps in the Road

Hey everyone,

I hope you all have a beautiful and meaningful day.

I have had a few things not go my way this week. A scholarship I applied for I didn’t get was one of them. These are just bumps in the road for me and not the end of my journey to my destination.

Upon reflection I realise they are designed to test us and see if we are really serious about journey and greeting to our destination. I was a bit down for a few days however have picked myself up and will keep going.

The beauty inside of me in my heart, mind and soul helps me deal with these bumps as well and it also makes me pretty on he outside. Never let bumps in the road deter you from achieving your dreams or continuing on your journey/path in life that you are meant to be on. Continue on with a smile and a loving heart for only that will really keep you going and shows that how extraordinarily you are.

So give yourself a hug and keep moving forward. Destiny and our prize awaits us all if we have faith enough to believe so, love, patience and perseverance to keep going over or around the bumps towards the end of our journey.