Control your life

Hey everyone,

Have an awesome and meaningful day.

I have let others control me in the past, deterring me from living my life to the fullest, hindering my path or lying to me to so they can control how I feel. By letting others control me I have let them persuade me to do things I wouldn’t otherwise done. Letting others talk me out if things I really want to do.

If we allow others to control us, who we are and how we think then we can never really be our true selves. The ultimate destiny for us all is to be able to control our lives, our path, our journey to some degree whilst meeting the universe do the rest.

Being in control means we choose who we are on a daily basis, our actions, our feelings, our emotions, our thoughts, our vision and our destination. We can choose to be free and live our lives or we can allow others to choose it for us. The choice is ours ultimately.

What will choose to do? I choose to be true to myself, reach great heights and my destiny.

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