Overcoming Barriers

Hey everyone,

I hope you have a great and meaningful day.

We all have obstacles on our lives, things to overcome, barriers to break down and overcome. I have had many barriers to overcome in my journey. Having barriers put in front of you is in my experience like having somebody put a brick wall in front of you on your pathway in life.

I found the way to overcome these barriers is to truly believe in myself and all of who I am inside and out. I believe I can change the world, make a difference and make it a better place to live now. I believe that obstacles I have faced in the past have been like a test to see if I really want to fight for the changes I want to see.

I want to change the world in the sense of the world truly understanding transgender people and gender identity. Also that want people to believe in themselves again that they can make a positive difference in the world if they believe they can.

I know that I have many obstacles to overcome in the future however I know that I have the strength inside of me to overcome them. I have untapped abilities that will help me overcome barriers that I am yet to face.

I also know that by being humble we can also change the world through our humility and love. So be strong yet humble and believe in who you are and no mountain will be big enough to stop us.

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