Melissa Griffiths – Bumps in the Road

Hey everyone,

I hope you all have a beautiful and meaningful day.

I have had a few things not go my way this week. A scholarship I applied for I didn’t get was one of them. These are just bumps in the road for me and not the end of my journey to my destination.

Upon reflection I realise they are designed to test us and see if we are really serious about journey and greeting to our destination. I was a bit down for a few days however have picked myself up and will keep going.

The beauty inside of me in my heart, mind and soul helps me deal with these bumps as well and it also makes me pretty on he outside. Never let bumps in the road deter you from achieving your dreams or continuing on your journey/path in life that you are meant to be on. Continue on with a smile and a loving heart for only that will really keep you going and shows that how extraordinarily you are.

So give yourself a hug and keep moving forward. Destiny and our prize awaits us all if we have faith enough to believe so, love, patience and perseverance to keep going over or around the bumps towards the end of our journey.

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