Melissa Griffiths personal comments on Judge in US blocks Trump’s Ban on Transgender Troops serving in Military.

Here is breaking story in US about Judge blocks Trump’s Ban on Transgender Troops serving in Military:

My personal comments and opinion on this:

Finally, common sense is starting to prevail in US over policy to ban transgender troops serving in the military as been blocked by a Judge. The policy as the Judge rightly points in this article is based not on facts but on “a desire to express disapproval of transgender people generally.” It seems that there is a desire by some in the White House to “remove transgender people” currently serving in the military from the military. Why would you want to let transgender people go from the military if they are serving their country, are loyal and worthy to be serving their country in the military?

In my own personal opinion that is seems as an outsider looking in that decisions like this are based more on fear than fact. We live in an ever changing world where we are making advances in so many areas of our lives and human rights. Yet here we are in 2017 and still we are lagging in the human rights of transgender people. We are still been discrminated against. In Victoria, when I changed my name, my name changed to Melissa Chloe Griffiths yet my gender still shows male.  

Why do we need sex affirmation surgery ( to have our sex changed a state level? Or if you are a transgender person like me not born in Victoria “apply for a Recognised Details certificate that recognises your sex” ( When will common sense prevail so that we can change our sex/gender without the need for approval? 

So I am glad at least in the US a judge has made the courageous decision to block the ban on transgender troops serving in the military and allow them to continue to serve in the military as it “likely violated the equal protection clause of the Constitution” ( I hope this sends a signal to the rest of the world that transgender people have rights just like everyone else and deserve their place in the world. We should be allowed the basic human rights and dignities that other people in society enjoy. We are not much different to other people and transgender should be allowed to serve in the Military in the USA.

I am a beautiful transgender person as my photos below depict. Allow me and other transgender people to be part of society fully.

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