Being vulnerable means you are being true self and showing your true self to the world. This takes courage, humility and love. If you are courageous enough to be yourself then you are better those people who are full of their own importance and make fun of you.

If you allow others to be themselves, concentrate on being yourself and ignore what others say about you then you are the better person. This takes great courage sometimes however if you do this then you will grow and be a stronger person for it.

If we also keep our heart open to all possibilities then more good things will come our way than bad things. This indeed is a brave thing to do as it is easy to keep our heart closed and not open to new ideas, people and love. It is far easier to take the low road, not be open to new things and not stand out in the crowd.

Being different to everyone else doesn’t mean that are you weird or it just means you are being yourself, being the unique person you are and being courageous enough to be you.

Be proud to stand out from the crowd, loving yourself in the process of owning your story and share your story. If you does this then it means that you are brave, courageous and most importantly been vulnerable.

If you allow yourself to be truly vulnerable then you will have a better and more fulfilled life than most ever experience in a lifetime. Be you, be unique, be brave and show the world how truly beautiful you are.

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