Melissa Griffiths on overcoming depression and loneliness 

Hi Everyone,
Whist I have overcome many challenges the biggest challenge has been overcoming depression and loneliness. It is hard to even write about as I feel the tears swell up doing so however it is something I know I have to share. If you face yourself, your mental scars/battles then you can start to heal and come out of the darkness and into the light.

Every time I have fallen this year, tripped up or had a setback I have picked myself up and kept going. This can be tough at times however it is all I know. I have learned the hard way sometimes that you have to ask for what you need. I have learned through experience that as one door closed for me another even bigger door opened for me.  

If we go through our storm, our battles on our journey and take one day at a time then we can get through life. We can manage to survive and actually live. I have learned this year to let go of hate and the tears as my life is to short to be at war with myself. Life is to short to not be at peace with myself for if I am then, only then my can I be at peace with others.

By being able to be at peace with myself then I can also release the hurt and pain I have suffered knowing that each day is a new day where the sun will rise. I know that my greatest glories are yet to come and they are for all of us if be ourselves, live in peace and rise up every time we fall.  

We become our destiny if we allow the sun to shine in our lives and our beauty to shine in the darkness.

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