When you have the strength and courage to dare take risks knowing that you may not succeed this is when you grow. I have learnt in my experiences that by taking risks that sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn’t. I have found that if I am humble enough and just ask then I have managed to meet influential people and business people who have mentored me and some of them have become my friends.

It is hard to step out of your comfort zone to take risks however if you do so in pursuit of your dreams then you are one step ahead of most other people who don’t take risks. I have had to find strength and courage within me to be able to compassionate towards those who may not like me, sneer at me or laugh me or worse swear at me in the street. This has taken great humility for me to not react and live in peace and just smile that way I maintain my integrity and dignity which are the cornerstones of been courageous.

In my experience I have found by pursuing my dreams and overcoming my fears that I am stronger and more courageous. Things that seem impossible to me 12 months ago now seem possible. If we all follow our intuition and heart with humility and set our mind to our dreams then we can achieve anything. Courage is everything.

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