Shattering dreams – Same sex marriage

This is purely my own opinion.

Have you ever dreamed of getting married? You have waited so long for that special day. You have scrimped and saved very penny for ceremony. You have booked. the celebrant and the venue for the wedding and wedding reception. You turn up at the venue only to be told that you are not welcome to hold your marriage and reception there because it is against the business owners religious beliefs.

This is the reality we are now facing as they are considering introducing a “conscientious objection bill” that would allow this to happen.

How sad we still have bigots and homophobes in Australia. Maybe one day Australia and the rest of the works will grow up and realise thAt LBTQI people are human beings with feelings and emotions like everyone else. We are valuable people who deserve our place in society.

Please read this article below on this and share with your friends.

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