Be calm in the eye of the storm

We all go through storms in life and just like the coming weather over the next few days we may get rained on and feel cold. If we remember that the storms in our lives are only temporary then we can get through them.

They are sent our way to test us, grow us and make us stronger. So stay calm, be safe over the next few days and remember the stormy ⛈ weather will pass as we will those in our lives.

I have faced many storms in my life and as I go through my current storm I remain calm in it’s eye of and at peace. Through this I have my power, my strength and inner peace. My wisdom and growth sees me through life’s daily challenges.

I have many storms ahead to change the world for transgender people so that future generations understand us. So they don’t have to go through the hatred or gossip I have to put up with from people who are angry or hate us.

Power, Peace, Strength and Love creating a new future for me and most importantly creating a beautiful new world.

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