Melissa Griffiths on changing your life and being softer

You can change your life if you change your mindset. I have changed my mindset over the last year and continue to work on this. I am a work in progress as we all are. I have grown as a result and we all can if we choose to and commit to doing so.

You can also change from being hard to becoming more softer. Just like me changing the colour of eyeshadow to make my eyes so can we change our heart and spirit to be softer.

Be soft, be amazing, be strong and most importantly be yourself.

Rise up

If we give more in life then we will get more out of it. Rise up and lift others up by sharing our story in a beautiful and meaningful way.

If we say it is possible to write a keynote then it is if we give it a go. Keep on typing that keynote as it won’t type itself. Keep your butt in the chair and hands on the keyboard.

This may seem like a challenge as we all scars from the bruises of life that say we can’t do it.

I know that I have scars from the bruises on my journey of transition to being a female however I still showed up, survived and won.

I know writing a keynote is a challenge for me however if I listen to my own voice, no one else’s and let my heart ❤️ guide me then it I can do it. By doing this and then one day sharing it on stage I will have a powerful impact on people’s lives and inspire many. We all can if we give it a go. ❤️


This is my own efforts collecting stories and not related to my employer.

Just a quick update since I posted for collecting stories about been bullied or harassed. I have heard a few more stories today about been bullied or harassed today. It is both disappointing and disgusting that this sort of behaviour still continues. I am a survivor of been bullied and harassed and know what it is like.

We must unite to end this, speak out and stand up for our rights as transgender women, trans men and cis-gender women. If you have any stories you like to share please get in touch with me, either pm me or email me:

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Christmas Time

Christmas time is a time for reflection and a time for joy. Though not all of us may have family or friends to spend it with we can still have joy in our hearts. We can choose to be joy and be brave by embracing life and spreading joy to those less fortunate than us.

We are all born unique with hidden talents and gifts waiting to be discovered. The possibilities are endless, infinite and achievable. If we choose to focus on our talents, gifts and nurture them instead of our circumstances then we will have an incredible life.

Being joy to the world 🌍 by being brave, being unique, being you, being true to yourself and sharing your true self to the world 🌎 with a joyful spirit.

Melissa Griffiths on setbacks

I have had a setback recently in been dumped as MC and speaker for an event. Whilst initially disappointed I realised that this is only a minor setback. It is a stumble in the road on my journey to becoming a great MC, panelist and Keynote speaker.

Setbacks happen and my comeback will be even stronger. I realise that I have the power to say today that this is not the end of my journey and story. My story is a never ending story and I will rise up again and rise to even greater heights.

My destiny awaits me. If we all took the attitude of not stopping when we hit a road block in our lives and just go round it or past it then we would realise that roadblock is only there to test us so we can grow.

By picking ourselves up when we stumble and continue our story then we are the better person for it and the greater person. Onwards and upwards to reach our destiny.