Melissa Griffiths on setbacks

I have had a setback recently in been dumped as MC and speaker for an event. Whilst initially disappointed I realised that this is only a minor setback. It is a stumble in the road on my journey to becoming a great MC, panelist and Keynote speaker.

Setbacks happen and my comeback will be even stronger. I realise that I have the power to say today that this is not the end of my journey and story. My story is a never ending story and I will rise up again and rise to even greater heights.

My destiny awaits me. If we all took the attitude of not stopping when we hit a road block in our lives and just go round it or past it then we would realise that roadblock is only there to test us so we can grow.

By picking ourselves up when we stumble and continue our story then we are the better person for it and the greater person. Onwards and upwards to reach our destiny.

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