I choose to be happy as I am achieving my dreams and rapidly 🏃‍♀️ running towards my destiny. Those that hate me are really only anger towards me because of my success.

People create their own lives, their own hatred towards people like me. I just simply smile and succeed and keep going forward believing in myself and that I will succeed. Believing that soon I will be a great speaker and highly sought after MC, Speaker and Panelist for panel discussions.

I am totally motivated to be the best speaker ever and make the world a better place for transgender people and all women and men by sharing my story.


Being your authentic self very day means that you are being true to yourself. Living every day showing your true inner self to the world whilst letting go of the old ways, who we think we are and embracing who we truly are.

Letting others see my soul by been vulnerable and visible is not always easy however it means people see who I am not who I amy think I am.

Being courageous enough to be myself and admit when I fail. Courageous enough to show it, own it and move on and be brave enough to continue on in the same manner.

LGBTI officers say it gets better – Queensland Police News

I watched this video today from last year and despite my best attempts to hold back tears I still cried. It reminded me of what I have been through in last few years.

Listening to Michelle Harris talk about her journey and thoughts of suicide reminded me of how I felt at times over last few years. We often don’t talk about depression and going through dark times and dealing with thoughts of suicide yet we feel like we are alone and have no one else to talk to about it.

I have been thorough a massive journey over last few years. I have grown a lot and still have a long way to go. I have cried a lot and still not totally open to friends and family about been bisexual. It is a tough journey however it does got better and you only really know this if you go through a journey like these police officers have or I have.

Let us make the world better for all of us so we can be happy and live at peace with ourselves and others.

LGBTI officers say it gets better – Queensland Police News


Inspiring others

Though I sometimes don’t quite get it right like when I spoke on Sunday at a Women’s March I still keep going and sharing my story. I hope that by sharing my story to make the world a better place that I am inspiring people in some way.

If you can inspire others then to me this is the true measure of success. By inspiring others not to give up and keep going.

I may pushed myself a bit and burnt a few candles to share my story and make it better for others however it is all worth it when others tell you that you are making a difference.

So I keep going even though I cannot see what lays ahead of me on my journey. All I know is that I just have to faith, strength and courage to continue to inspire others and work towards my destiny.

Women’s March

The women’s march in Melbourne at Alexandria Gardens near Flinders St Station on this Sunday 21 January. Please join us on the 1st Anniversary of this momentous Women’s Movement to change society.

I will be one of the speakers at this event.

Spread the word and let us make this day a stance to change Australia and make it better for all women.

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Smell the roses

We all live fast paced lives these days so is always great to slow down a bit sometimes. If we take the time to stop, look around at life and smell the roses then we might actually start to enjoy life.

Flowers represent the beauty in life, they are beautiful and can be great medicine for your soul.

Over the past few years that whenever I have been in a rush or feeling a bit down that by stopping to smell the roses that it lifts my soul and helps to put a smile back on my face. It has kept me going in my some of darkest moments and helped me to look on the brighter side of life when feeling depressed.

I appreciate life more now and realise that it is so true that we only get one chance at life so we should enjoy it whilst we can.

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Be brave be courage

It takes real courage to go on your own path. I know the path and journey I am is a lot different to most people. Been guided by few however knowing I am on the right path.

We all have the choice to be comfortable or courageous so be brave, take risks and step outside your comfort zone as you never know what you will learn and where it will take you.

Moving forward towards your destiny courageously on your own path. That is my choice. My choice to be me and true to myself whilst running towards my destiny.

What will you do?

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Have the courage to leave the shore behind and move towards new horizons that lay ahead of you. Challenges and rewards await who dare to lose sight of the shore behind them.

It is only in the ocean of our mind that imagination abounds and from which true joy comes to our soul that we can share with others. We can be joyful and look forward to each day knowing a new horizon beckons for us all and once that horizon reached another awaits us.

Be joy, be inspirational, be love and share all with the world so it becomes a better place.