AFLW: Dog Scott proud of ‘Pride’ game –

It takes guts, honesty amd strength to be yourself sometimes. Whilst you may lose friends or family in becoming and being your true self the journey and life being your true self is worth it.

How can we be something we are not.

Good on you Hannah for sharing your story. We can never underestimate the power of our story that it has on others and the community.

Go Doggies.

Bulldog lauds club culture ahead of Friday’s clash with Carlton
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Transgender woman breastfeeds baby in first recorded case, study says – BBC News

Imagine giving birth to your child and not been able to breast feed your child? Can you imagine how you would feel in this situation?

So then now imagine your are transgender as well, you would think that this would not be possible. You would believe you would have to bottle feed your child.

Well now thanks to ‘Dr Tamir Reisman and Zil Goldstein, a nurse practitioner from the Mount Sinai Transgender Centre for Medicine and Surgery, the transgender woman who is 30, born a male is now producing droplets of milk’. (Reference from NY Times Article –

What a great story and advancement for transgender women with the world’s first recorded study of transgender women breastfeeding baby.

Please read both articles, the one in the New York Times as well the BBC news one and share this post.

Transgender woman breastfeeds baby in first recorded case, study says – BBC News
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Finland’s crazy sterilisation laws

Imagine you are been in the wrong body and realised your gender identity is different to your body and then ‘told you had a mental disorder and have to be sterilised because your are transgender before been able to recognised as who you are’. This is the case in Finland. See huffington posts blog post at end of this article where trans activist Sakris Kuplia talks about this from which I also make reference to.

Why in this day and age are people been sterilised?

Do we not have human rights in this day and age? Surely we as transgender people can be treated as human beings and create a society which embraces people from all walks of life so that we can create a better future for all of us. A society that recognises the dignity of all and does not alienate one section of it like transgender people as they seem to do in Finland.

It is great to see Sakris Kuplia standing up for transgender rights in Finland, she like most transgender people who stand up for transgender rights in their country ‘encounter negative comments and hate’ towards them. I have encountered negative comments and hatred for raising awareness on transgender issues and gender identity and others like Caityln Jenner have no doubt had some negative comments and hatred towards them.

It is slowly turning with regards to the treatment of transgender people in the world however it will be sometime before we are treated fairly and equally in the world. One day we will easily be recognised as the person we are with our gender identity been accepted not the gender we were born with and that society perceives us to be.

Please read the blog post and article below.

Link to Huffington Post Blog Post by Sakris Kuplia below:

Link to article about changes to bill coming up short:

Hannah Mouncey gets permission to play in VFLW

Finally Hannah gets permission to play in the AFL albeit in the VFLW. It must have a difficult journey that past year. One can only hope that the AFL can learn from this in the way they have treated her so it doesn’t happen again in the future.

Dating Trans Women

If society treated us like another women and not focus on us been transgender/transsexual women then this would go a long way to changing society’s attitudes towards us.

Instead we have to deal with dirty looks, lude comments, wolf whistling, verbal abuse, stares and even assault. I had most of that and more and continue to put with people and their dislike of people like me.

When will society grow up and begin to understand us. We are just people like everyone else so please read this blog post as it gives simple tips on things people should know about dating woman like us.

AFLW Pride Match

Everyone come along and support this great initiative by the Western Bulldogs to host Carlton Blues in AFLW Pride Match next Friday 23 February at Whitten Oval, West Footscray.

It is an important to support this game as it recognises how valuable the LGBTQI community is and how more work needs to be done in our community to make it better for all of us.


Believe in yourself so you will be successful and unstoppable. If you truly believe you can change the world then you will. All it takes is to take baby step actions and grow bit by bit in your self belief.

On my journey learning to believe in myself is probably been most challenging at times however by surrounding by great people I have grown in my self belief of what is possible. We all can if we give it a go.