International Transgender Day of Visibility

Imagine a world without discrimination where you can go anywhere and be who your are without fear. So imagine if everywhere you go you were discriminated against or were laughed at or stared at or taunted or treated as if you were an alien. Sadly still this is a reality for a lot of transgender people in the world.

So this saturday remember that is International Transgender Day of Visibility which celebrates transgender people and raising awareness of discrimination people worldwide. This year’s theme is “surviving, thriving” (#TransThriving) which acknowledges the number of major transgender acheivements in the past 12 months. We are not only surviving, we are actually thriving and making real progress around the world to transform how people think about transgender people and gender.

So next time anyone sees a transgender person walking down the street talk the time to smile or say hello you might just make their day.

For me this day is a day of reflection of what we have achieved in Australia to educate society about transgender people and the changes in legislation around transgender rights. We still have a long way to go however if we are persistent, resilent then we can effect real change to make it better for current and future generations.

My final thought on this is that we should never ever underestimate what you can do through direct action, education and speaking out. Love, visibility, strength and action will defeat transphobia in the end.

‘In rural communities LGBTI people are often denied or invisible’: Starlady – Star Observer

Great interview with Starlady and agree with Starlady around what gender diverse people have to go through with regards to have their gender identity acknowledged.

When will society start to treat us like human beings!

It is appalling that the Northern Territory has little support for the LGBTQI+ community who are some of the most vulnerable people in the community.

Setting Australia’s LGBTI agenda since 1979
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Sometimes in the busyness of life we forget to appreciate life. If we only stopped for a moment to look at what we have in our lives and feel the beauty around us.

If we also breathe in the beauty around us then we will feel more appreciative of life itself. Also we need to remember and appreciate others in our lives who make a positive impact on us.

Appreciation one word that can make such a big difference in our lives and how we view life. What will you choose to do?

Transgender rights

Now Queensland have done let us get it done in the remaining states – NSW, Northern Territory, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia that have yet to make marriage equality a reality for trans people. South Australia have already made changes to effect this.

If there are any other changes apart from this with regards to state or federal legislation around issues transgender people face or around changes around discrimination against transgender or LGBTQI+ people then please pm or email me.

Now is the time for us to make real change in Australia for the better.

Tracey Spicer: Enough is enough, let’s end this now | Daily Telegraph

Proud to part of NOW Australia to end sexual harassment in our society and make it a better place to live. We must all say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and END THIS NOW. TIMES UP AUSTRALIA. NOW AUSTRALIA.

I JUST wanted to tell someone before I died.
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Transgender rights violated in USA

What a sad day in US and the world for transgender rights when transgender people are banned from serving in the military despite previous ban been overturned in court. When the US treat transgender people as second class citizens they are ignoring basic human rights.

We are not a burden to society we are people who deserve our place in society and those who want the opportunity to serve in the military should be given this opportunity.  Have not the current serving transgender people in the US Military shown their true worth?

We need to stand up and speak out against these continuing and disturbing attack against our human rights otherwise they will continue to be diminished. Basic human rights are been violated and transgender people are again the target of these changes. Whilst the US may feel they have the right to do this do they not value the importance of having a diverse and inclusive workforce?

Transgender people are quite capable of serving in the military and making a valuable contribution. So is there any logical reason for this or is it yet again merely politics rearing it’s ugly head? It doesn’t appear there is any real reason for this, I cannot see why been transgender is seen as a handicap or limits one’s abilities.

Let us hope that this decision will yet again be overturned by the court or that common sense will prevail. We can only hope…