Being transgender in outback Queensland

Great to see Emily living in Mt.Isa feels welcomed and safe. Too often we are discriminated against and most of us encounter this on a daily basis. Been called a freak or told you are a man in a dress or been abused is something I have encountered too.

Thankfully for Emily she seems to have settled into Mt Isa without too much trouble. Gender dysphoria is not a lifestyle choice as some may think. We are born with it, it is part of who we are regardless of what age we transition.

We are often misunderstood or not accepted by society especially in rural Australia. Some people in society need to realise that we don’t suddenly wake up one day and decided to live to the opposite sex of the body we are born in. Hopefully one day people will begin to realise this and people like Emily and myself can be even more accepted and understood by Society.

Being transgender in outback Queensland
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