Escaping hell to live in Paradise

Can you imagine desperately wanting to escape your country because it is not safe for you to live there? Imagine then what it must be like for ‘Nikolle Contreras as she endeavours to enter USA as a migrant from Honduras’. The journey living as a transgender person is difficult enough as it however been openly transgender in an Central American country like Honduras would be ten times more difficult at least.

Honduras is a poor country that is not known for its kind treatment of transgender people. It is not somewhere that I would have wanted to live as a transgender women because of the chances of survival are low and chances of rape and been killed are high. True statistics are on this are not available however it is ‘known that many people are killed by gangs and the number of these deaths is not truly known’.

For transgender people like Nikolle ‘leaving her family behind in Honduras and travelling to Mexico to join the migrant caravan’ would have been a very hard decision to make however she wants a better life, a safer life in USA. Now as ‘she embarks on her third attempt to cross the border to USA’ one can only begin to imagine the heartache and trauma she has already gone through.

Having found a ‘other transgender and non-gender confirming migrants in Mexico’ means that she has a family whom she can be with till she is able to successfully cross the border into USA.

Too often society doesn’t understand transgender people let alone empathise with those who want to leave there country for a better life. It is not easy been transgender at the best of times in any country. So to have a dream like ‘Nikolle living as her true self in USA’ is one that I pray the universe will grant and come true for her. Where there is hope there is a chance that Nikolle will seen be living in USA. Let us all pray so.

Link to article on murder rate – Honduras:

Link to Article on Nikolle Contreras and the migrant caravan:

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