Melissa’s latest interview

Please find link to my latest interview below. Thanks to Eleni Eleni for putting it together and doing a great job.

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Ohio debates law to require teachers to ‘out’ transgender students to parents

Concerning how transgender children’s rights are being attacked in USA.

Ohio debates law to require teachers to ‘out’ transgender students to parents
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Transgender pensioner wins court battle to get pension

It took a court case to confirm that a transgender pensioner in UK was entitled to their pension. How sad that it took a court case for the woman known as MB to get what she is legally entitled to.

Let us hope that this will set a precedent so that in the future transgender women don’t have to go through the same experience as MB.

Starbucks to pay for transgender surgeries

How wonderful that Starbucks are now going to pay for all transgender surgeries. It is so expensive that it takes most of us many years to save up for the surgeries we as transgender people need. Often some of us do not have surgery because of the cost and don’t have the means to afford it.

Let us hope that more companies follow Starbucks lead.