It is ok to be imperfect. Just remember we are all unique. And that makes us special in so many ways. So today be you, be content, and let your individuality shine brightly like a shooting star.

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Positive affirmations

Another great video for positive affirmations to listen to. This encourages me and re-affirms my belief in strong up my foundation GendaCare to help others and educate society and organisations about transgender people and how to make their workplaces more inclusive for transgender people. If need help with any issues in your workplace around this then contact me through my website –

Trans women discussed trans rights on the BBC 45 years ago—here’s what it looked like · PinkNews

Times are changing even though we still have a way to go. GendaCare only Facebook page at moment however soon will be foundation and one of it’s aims is to make sure in 45 years time that transgender people are accepted by society.

The episode, which aired in 1973, was one of the first of its kind.
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GLOBE Community Awards | Recognising the inspiring work of Victoria’s GLBTI community

Nominations close soon if you like to nominate someone like me for the Victorian LGBTI person of the year or an organization you know for an award.

Nominations are now open for the 2018 GLOBE Community Awards. Check out our nominations page for details on how to nominate – nominations close on 12 August 2018. You can also book your ticket for the 2018 GLOBE Community Awards on 19 October 2018. Congratulations to our 2017 winners – Check out our winners and photos…
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