Leadership is leading by example. This requires you to be optimistic as well as being authentic. Being optimistic with a balanced view of the future will ensure that you more likely to forge ahead and successfully overcome any obstacles you face. I may face may challenges to set up my foundation GendaCare however with an attitude of optimism combined with strong leadership and patience it can be done.

End the strategy that shuts alleged sexual harassment victims down

Are voices need to be heard those of us who have been bullied, harassed or sexually harassed. The time is NOW Australia 🇦🇺 to change this and make Australia a better country.

End the strategy that shuts alleged sexual harassment victims down
— Read on amp.smh.com.au/lifestyle/life-and-relationships/end-the-strategy-that-shuts-alleged-sexual-harassment-victims-down-20180921-p5057w.html

Inspire others

A fulfilling life is not just one where we are here for to be successful for our own benefit. To lead a truly fulfilling life we must chase our dreams and make a difference in the world. If we stand up, stand out and speak out making a positive difference then we will both shine brightly and more importantly inspire others to do likewise.

True inspiration comes from within, overcoming obstacles in our way and the desire to make the world a better place when we leave it for future generations to come. Be inspirational today so others will be inspirational too.

Sponsors wanted

Hey everyone,

I am finalist for Agenda Setter of the year in the Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards and looking for an awesome sponsor is hair salon who can reset my extensions and foils as well as shoe company for shoes for the awards as well.

Any interested parties comment below or message me.



Rise like an Eagle

I have learnt over the past few days that if you lower your standards even slightly then you become like a crow with all the other crows in the world. So I will lift myself up above the bitterness, jealously and ill gotten complaining rising high like an eagle.

If we soar above the crows in our lives like an eagle then we will fly across the world through the skies of life. If we go forward in the world through our storms then we will grow stronger and become brighter and kinder souls.

Be a beautiful light shining brightly in the world.