Help others

By helping others and making a difference in their lives your own life will become better. Help someone today, smile today and you will make the world a better place. By doing this you create a ripple effect and imagine how many lives you will be changing for the better. This will be one of the aims of GendaCare when I get this foundation set up and going.

Watch this video of this Amazing Woman

Jacqueline is an Amazing woman ❤️😊. If this doesn’t make you cry like I did watching this then I don’t know what will. Courage and strength to her.

State’s radical baby gender plan

A more common sense approach would be to have the gender marker not been recorded at birth however with the option of adding it later. Another option could be to have gender recorded at birth with option of changing it later without need of any surgery.

State’s radical baby gender plan
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Transgender workers not protected by civil rights law, DOJ tells Supreme Court

Great to see the Department of Justice siding with Aimee Stephens and filing brief in high court regarding Aimee’s dismissal. Sadly it highlights that civil rights that transgender people have in America are in all reality no protection for them in the real world.

The Justice Department filed a brief with the high court arguing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not prohibit discrimination against transgender workers.
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What Being Transgender Looks Like, According to Stock Photography

Disappointing however not surprising that Transgender People still not been seen properly in advertising and mass media. We are still not seen as “acceptable” enough to the mainstream masses in society for our faces to be shown in advertising.

2018 and society still has a long way to go with regards transgender people being accepted and integrated as part of society.

What Being Transgender Looks Like, According to Stock Photography
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Caitlyn Jenner: Trump ‘relentlessly attacking’ trans people – BBC News

Great to see Caitlyn standing up for Trans people in USA and admire her honesty in admitting she nade a mistake in her position supporting President Trump.

Caitlyn Jenner: Trump ‘relentlessly attacking’ trans people – BBC News
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Supergirl season 4: Nicole Maines breaks barriers for trans heroes | Metro News

Great to see Nicole is helping breaking down barriers and starting to normalize transgender people. One day Australians will be more accepting of transgender people and barriers will be broken here too as well.

Supergirl star Nicole Maines has lifted the lid on the importance of being the first ever transgender superhero on TV.
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Tasmanian government resists push to remove gender from birth certificates | Australia news | The Guardian

If they change their stance on this and allow for gender to be removed from birth certificates then this would be a progression move forwards in an ongoing debate in Tasmania. Also it would relieve a lot of stress non-binary people face there and to be recognized as such on their birth certificate.

Tasmanian government resists push to remove gender from birth certificates | Australia news | The Guardian
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Standing out like a sore thumb shining brightly making a difference

Have a read of this short story where I talk about about being vulnerable, my body image issues and standing out to make a difference..

Melissa Griffiths shares her story about transitioning as a transgender female and truly owning her brightness and contribution to the world.
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Sydney Anglicans ‘preparing to ban same-sex weddings, transgender ideology’

In my opinion let us hope that common sense prevails here over policy and that we will see a positive result though I sense otherwise. In the last few weeks it seems like the same-sex marriage debate all over again.

Transgender ideology being terfed about like a buzz word which is unacceptable and hopefully this will disappear from the context of this. Can we not move forward? It is 2018 or is it?

The Sydney Anglican church has responded to criticism over a proposed policy that will ban same-sex weddings and the promotion of “transgender ideology”…
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