Opinion | The Problem With the Wrong Kind of Trans Visibility – The New York Times

Whilst due to Caitlyn Jenner and others society is more aware of transgender people than before it still has a long way to go to understanding us let alone accepting or respecting us.

I have spoken to a lot of trans people in the past year with some doing and transitioning in workplace is going well. However for the majority they are struggling or fed up with people stating at them in the street like they are aliens.

Even myself got laughed at by a CBA worker in Docklands which brought home this very point for me. Happened when I went in CBA in Sydney as well one time with staff having smirks on their faces as well. Just a few of countless examples where society can be so cruel and lacking empathy.

So as an older trans female not having had the luxury yet of being able to have surgery to “fit in” with society all I can do is be myself, be the best version of myself and fight the good fight to make tot better for all of us who are struggling and just want to live our lives with dignity and respect.

Pop culture has elevated us as progressive symbols, while forgetting us when it comes to real progress.
— Read on www.nytimes.com/2018/10/27/opinion/transgender-visibility-trump-memo.html

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