Australia Day Award

We can all achieve greatness and influence society for the better if we choose to and have enough belief, courage and faith to do so and follow our passion. There are people in my like Justin Untersteiner (pictured) and many others who have always encouraged me and inspired me to become the best version of myself.

So it with this attitude that I am both honored and humbled to receive Australia Day Achievement Award in recognition of helping educate others and raise awareness of transgender issues.

I know that many in my community are challenged with just day to day living. So if we are brave enough to use our experiences for good then we can make a difference in the world.

If we all just realised the positive power we have within all of us to make a difference in the world then it would be an amazing world.

By challenging the status quo with the right support of people who I am blessed to be friends with such as Tracey Spicer then I know I can the change the world for the better.

So today be strong enough to follow your passion because we can all change the world if we are brave and courageous enough to do so.

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