Sydney here we come

At the Airport waiting for flight to Sydney to attend the Australian LGBTI awards this evening where I am a finalist for the LGBTI Hero Award.

Melissa Griffiths Speaking International Women’s Day

Come along on International Women’s Day to RMIT where I will be sharing some of my insights into Organisational Gender Diversity Policy.

Primary school children ‘to be taught about gay and trans relationships’ – Mirror Online

I believe this is going too far teaching primary school kids about gay and trans relationships. Let kids be kids. And it should be optional.

Primary school children ‘to be taught about gay and trans relationships’ – Mirror Online
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Sometimes in life we have huge obstacles to overcome. Whilst at the time they can seem overwhelming in the end they are just mere steeping stones in our journey. I know that at times it may not seem this way from personal experience however if we learn to tackle our challenges head on and jump through and over our obstacles then nothing can stand in our way.

Influential Leadership Training – Ways To Be An Influential Leader

Have done the 2 day Influential Leadership Training course and plan to revisit it later this year. Well worth attending. Great value for money.

Influential Leadership – We equip our participants to learn how to positively influence a meeting, a room, a conversation, a presentation or take a meeting to at a whole new level.
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