Celebrating diversity with the Hellenic Police Association | Neos Kosmos

Great to see that Victoria Police are embracing Cultural Diversity and Multiculturalism. After all we all want a harmonious, respectful and tolerant society.

Celebrating diversity with the Hellenic Police Association | Neos Kosmos
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The Matrix at 20: How the Wachowskis universalized a trans experience – Vox

I was an egg 🥚 till I was 44 when I started to hatch. I hid who I was fully from the world only showing some and all the while denying who I truly was and am.

Now once I began hatching the pain and discomfort began facing my fears as well as others around me who didn’t know who I was and am. Whilst I may be uncomfortable growing and stretching myself I am also more confident. Some people may not be comfortable around me however one day they will at least understand trans people like me.

Lily and Lana are right in that you realize “being trans is like pre-coming out”. You have so much to do to prepare yourself for living as true self and showing all of the world who you truly are.

Being trans is not a choice. Being trans is who we are and who I am. Now my egg shell is broken I am a chick growing into who I am and meant to be. This time maybe uncomfortable for me however it is the only way I will grow.

So if all of us would only realize that life is short and not to live it as such ignoring our gifts and hidden talents is a waste.

My final thought for all on this is to be true to yourself and in doing so stretch yourself, grow and leave a legacy for others to follow.

The Matrix at 20: How the Wachowskis universalized a trans experience – Vox
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Diversity needs to improve on councils in some parts of UK

It seems that more needs to be improve diversity on councils in some parts of the UK like where “Elections are due to take place in South Gloucestershire, Bath and North East Somerset and North Somerset”. Not having any councillors that are “from black, Asian or minitority ethnic (Bame) backgrounds” is disappointing. Also the low percentage of women from ‘200 councillors of 30%’ is not encouraging.

Are these statistics a blip and not truly reflective of councils overall in the UK? Or is it that not enough is being done to improve diversity on councils and there hasn’t been enough emphasis on this?

I can imagine that been a councillor is not everyone’s cup of tea so to speak however it does put you in a position which you can be an influencer in your local area. So if diversity on councils was improved then this could potentially have some positive impacts on those local communities. People from diverse backgrounds can see problems people face when they move to new country like the UK as well as potential solutions to these problems. Also their experiences in life and diversity can only add value to the council.

Having more diversity on councils benefits all and who wouldn’t want this?



What an awesome concept. 👏👏👏

One has to give applause to Stephen Straus and all the other 50 entrepreneurs in Texas who have signed the diversity pledge which includes a guarantee to “take 10% of pitch meetings from underrepresented groups.”  This surely help start ups with great ideas to help their community from groups that often are marginalized or underrepresented such as LGBTIQ+ groups or those from African-American background.

The thing I love about this is is that they are making a commitment to diversity with set things in their pledge.  For companies to commit to “publicly disclosing diversity statistics, achieve pay equity,  creating a formal discrimination and harassment policy and conduct unconscious bias training” is a big commitment. It is also very brave to put your company to do this and be prepared to put your company on the line so to speak. Risking your company reputation if it fails may seem like a risk not worth taking however the rewards out-way the risk.

Obviously only time will tell if this concept succeeds and bears fruit. However I feel that it will given the level of thought that seems to have gone into the process and the level of commitment to it.

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Time Waits for No One Video

Watch this video as is so true.

Time keeps moving forward whilst we stand still or go backwards. Carpe diem – seize the day, live in the moment.

We can achieve greatness if we only take a chance to do something which makes the world 🌎 a better and more beautiful place to live in.


More women in boardrooms required – UK

In the UK “the financial trader sector body The Investment Association and the Hampton-Alexander review” has told ‘nearly 70 UK companies to employ more women in senior roles.’ This is a disappointing that so many companies have told to do this when they should be doing it already. The reality in the UK and elsewhere is that when it comes to gender diversity in the boardroom it is still below par and often boards only have a token woman on their board. All this does is show that companies who do this have boards dominated by men who do not take gender diversity seriously.

Companies who do actually consider that gender diversity is important will find that they benefit more by doing so. Having people who are not only gender diverse but also diverse culturally will not only improve the board but will also flow onto the company itself in terms of being able to improve diversity at all levels in that company. The more diverse board you have the more ideas you have and the more discussion that can only lead to better outcomes for all around cultural and gender diversity.

One can only hope that this review will prompt swift action and improvement in this area though I have a feeling it may take a few years given the current state of affairs in the UK at the moment.


Diversity lacking in medical research

I found both disappointing and odd that despite been well known that ethnic minorities are under represented in genetic studies that this is still a problem. Is this a form of bias towards Europeans or is it a lack of thinking by the those conducting research when comes to this issue?

If we do not consider that genetic variances may occur in those from different ethnic groups to Europeans then we could be creating more health problems by treating everyone the same for some medical diseases/problems. Failing to recognise or fully include people in studies from non-European backgrounds who may have a different make-up genetically to Europeans is a failure in itself. Especially when it comes to medical research and future medical benefits it is so important for all of us for without it how will ever evolve and reach our full potential?

Society needs to realise that diversity is an issue for all of us not just some sectors of the community or who chose to make it a priority for their organisation. Without diversity then how can we have inclusion? Creating a more diverse and inclusive society takes time however it such a society were ever fully achieved imagine the benefits now and into the future.