Diversity lacking in medical research

I found both disappointing and odd that despite been well known that ethnic minorities are under represented in genetic studies that this is still a problem. Is this a form of bias towards Europeans or is it a lack of thinking by the those conducting research when comes to this issue?

If we do not consider that genetic variances may occur in those from different ethnic groups to Europeans then we could be creating more health problems by treating everyone the same for some medical diseases/problems. Failing to recognise or fully include people in studies from non-European backgrounds who may have a different make-up genetically to Europeans is a failure in itself. Especially when it comes to medical research and future medical benefits it is so important for all of us for without it how will ever evolve and reach our full potential?

Society needs to realise that diversity is an issue for all of us not just some sectors of the community or who chose to make it a priority for their organisation. Without diversity then how can we have inclusion? Creating a more diverse and inclusive society takes time however it such a society were ever fully achieved imagine the benefits now and into the future.


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