More women in boardrooms required – UK

In the UK “the financial trader sector body The Investment Association and the Hampton-Alexander review” has told ‘nearly 70 UK companies to employ more women in senior roles.’ This is a disappointing that so many companies have told to do this when they should be doing it already. The reality in the UK and elsewhere is that when it comes to gender diversity in the boardroom it is still below par and often boards only have a token woman on their board. All this does is show that companies who do this have boards dominated by men who do not take gender diversity seriously.

Companies who do actually consider that gender diversity is important will find that they benefit more by doing so. Having people who are not only gender diverse but also diverse culturally will not only improve the board but will also flow onto the company itself in terms of being able to improve diversity at all levels in that company. The more diverse board you have the more ideas you have and the more discussion that can only lead to better outcomes for all around cultural and gender diversity.

One can only hope that this review will prompt swift action and improvement in this area though I have a feeling it may take a few years given the current state of affairs in the UK at the moment.

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