Diversity needs to improve on councils in some parts of UK

It seems that more needs to be improve diversity on councils in some parts of the UK like where “Elections are due to take place in South Gloucestershire, Bath and North East Somerset and North Somerset”. Not having any councillors that are “from black, Asian or minitority ethnic (Bame) backgrounds” is disappointing. Also the low percentage of women from ‘200 councillors of 30%’ is not encouraging.

Are these statistics a blip and not truly reflective of councils overall in the UK? Or is it that not enough is being done to improve diversity on councils and there hasn’t been enough emphasis on this?

I can imagine that been a councillor is not everyone’s cup of tea so to speak however it does put you in a position which you can be an influencer in your local area. So if diversity on councils was improved then this could potentially have some positive impacts on those local communities. People from diverse backgrounds can see problems people face when they move to new country like the UK as well as potential solutions to these problems. Also their experiences in life and diversity can only add value to the council.

Having more diversity on councils benefits all and who wouldn’t want this?


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