With advances in science and technology we now have a future where scientists like those at “MIT’s Media Lab” can take “a combination of botany, machine-learning algorithms, some good old-fashioned chemistry” to make plants taste more delicious than ever. Now on the surface this seems great with “no genetic modification” involved, it can only be a good thing, right?

Some may see this as interfering with nature whilst others may see this as great and applaud it immensely. Either way, one has to admit that if computers can be used to help improve agriculture and the taste of agricultural products then that benefits all. Been able to control environments in which plants grow and study all aspects of plant growth means that invaluable research and data can be collected. This will potential enable better quality and potentially higher yield plants.

So if we consider that science and technology can be used in a positive way in agriculture then it should be allowed to continue and blossom accordingly. However there is the danger that it could go too far if left unchecked, and if it did cross over into genetic modification. There is risks with everything we do and especially in the area of science.

My final thought is that whilst the benefits outweigh any risks are we and should we be looking at altering plants including such things as “researchers working on developing basil plants with higher levels of compounds that could help to combat diseases such as diabetes.” Or should we focus more on preventing such diseases occurring in the first place through better diet and using herbs such as basil as they are now in combating such diseases as diabetes.

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