Melissa on a windy day

It maybe windy and cold 🥶 however inside I feel warm and grateful to be alive. Another day I can make a positive difference in the world. If we all had this attitude imagine what a world 🌎 we could create?

Challenge for the day- Ask yourself today what I will do to make the world a better place.

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Love conquers hate

We are becoming a divided society and it will only get worse unless we learn to put aside our differences. We must come together united as one people, one society and one country learning that love is the only answer.

If we do this then we can end the era of bulllying, harassment and hatred wherever it exists.

Do what you love

Do what you love after all life is very short. If you pursue your dreams and give it a go then you never know you may actually get there.

In life most people never truly pursue their dreams so don’t die wondering what might happened. Live it and do what you life as in the process of doing so you will inspire others to do likewise.

Believe in yourself

Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe anything is possible?

Do you truly believe in your abilities and dreams? If you do then you are already half way there.

If you believe in yourself then you can overcome any obstacles you face on your journey. Climb very mountain 🏔 and climb to the top. If you do this then one day you can look back and smile 😊 reflecting on how much you have achieved.

So always remember that if you believe in yourself then anything is possible.

Being Transgender at Goldman Sachs

This is great article.

Being Transgender at Goldman Sachs
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