Historic First and non-binary identification

Great to see an “historic first for Northern Ireland” with a “transgender rally” and the Belfast mayor attending as well as being able to voice an opinion around non-binary identification. It is great to see that a public figure is willing to be a voice for non-binary people in “criticizing the lack of people to identify themselves as neither male of female.”

It is a new issue for society and as society evloves and grows over the next decade it will be one that people will more easily understand and accept. It is important for us to realise that whether we agree with non-binary identification or not that is now part of life in the world. There are an increasing number of people identifying as non-binary and this will only grow as time moves forwards.

This is not a new phenomenon and nor should it be treated as such. It is just we are more aware of those who identify as non-binary. It will take some time for the broader spectrum of society to even understand non-binary people let alone accept those that are non-binary. As more people come out as non-binary gradually there will be more acceptance and through open discussion and education will see this as normal in the future and one day it won’t be an issue.


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