Lesbians happier and promoted more – UK study finds

These are my own views only.

This study found that ‘lesbians are more happy and more likelier to get promoted compared to bisexual woment’. This can be for a variety of reasons however ones wealth and status in society or at work obviously plays a big part in these findings.

For one who is bisexual and transgender this is not the case. There is a lot of stigma associated with being bisexual let alone being transgender as well. If this stigma and the misconceptions that are often associated with being bisexual were reduced or removed and we were actually understood then maybe would be more happier. Also more likely to get promoted in the workplace where such stigma doesn’t exist.

It seems to be the case that it is more advantageous in today’s corporate world to not to be tied down to family where long hours can be the norm. This is the reality and challenge we face as a society. The idea of “reverse discrimination” in the workplace is one that is not often discussed and one that lesbians may enjoy in their favour however is this truly correct?

We need to continue to work towards a society where all can bring their true selves to work regardless of who they are or their sexuality. At the moment we still have a way to go to achieving this. Let us hope one day that we will live in a truly diverse and inclusive society.


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