What a great initiative by Wagamama to ‘introduce gender-neutral bathrooms in London’ this year. Doing this “in celebration of this year’s inaugural London Transgender Pride” will do a lot to move society forwards when it comes to recognising gender fluid, non-binary and transgender people exist and that we not all of us can or are comfortable using male or female bathrooms.

It is great to see that an organisation such as Wagamama is supporting the LGBTIQ+ community through such initiatives. Also through it’s other initiatives such as “speed mentoring” for “LBGT+ individuals” can only make it easier for the LGBITQ+ community. It can also will help to form bonds within the LGBITQ+ community and help link people with each other to support each other.

I can only seeing this having a positive effect on the LGBTIQ+ community in London, the UK and society more broadly. This can only lead to breaking down stigma towards gender-fluid, intersex, non-binary and transgender people. I hope this is the beginning of a new era where we can start to put aside our differences and start to understand each other better and acceptance of those of us who are perceived by some as people who don’t really belong to society or can’t be fully integrated in society as we are.


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