An anxiety attack can hit you any time

An anxiety attack can hit you at any time especially if you have a history of anxiety and depression or suffered from it in the past. I recently had one myself at work which caught me off guard even though had a few in the past. I have always had some minor issues with anxiety and have had panic attacks in the past which I never experience before until I began my transition from male to female.

I managed to handle my anxiety attack by taking 10 breaths and going for a short walk to calm myself down. I am lucky that I have had people in the past who have taught me handle an anxiety attack. However the reality is that not everyone is that lucky or may experience one for the first very time on their own not knowing how to handle it or what to do.

It is more common than people think with “17% of Australians aged 18 to 65 have experienced anxiety and/or an affective disorder in the last 12 months” (

We have to do more in Australia to make people aware and look at ways of decreasing this statistic through education and assisting others more who suffer from anxiety or depression or mental illness in any form.

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