Melissa Griffiths Featured in ABC life

Great to be able to be featured in this article along with such great women as ⁦Tara Miss, my good friend ⁦@TraceySpicer⁩, Ellie Hinkley and Ursula McGeown talking about important issues women face.

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Andy Medici Victorian MP backs changes to birth certificate laws

Great to see that as a result of Andy’s child Eden coming out as transgender that it has spurred the “Victorian MP to back changes to birth certificate laws.” Also great to see that Andy being an advocate for this change as well as been able to accept Eden as being transgender.

A lot of parents are unable or unwilling to accept and/or respect their child when they come out as transgender so it makes it hard for all involved. Some even get kicked out of home and are left to fend for themselves. Whilst some are lucky enough to fall on their feet and stay with other relatives or friends however some are not so lucky ending up homeless on the street.

So we must do more in all areas of society not only just birth certificate changes to improve the lives of all transgender people. Notwithstanding that having such changes as removing the requirement to have surgery before you are able to change your gender is a great step forwards for all.

Victoria is one of the last states yet to change the law with regards to removing “the requirement for surgery to occur before a birth certificate gender is changed.” Whilst I recognise that changing the gender on your birth certificate is a big step if Victoria does change the law then this will help so many non-binary and transgender people. It also alleviate the stress and some of the difficulties faced by non-binary and/or transgender people changing their documents to their affirmed gender or non-binary status.

It will help as well giving them the ability to identify themselves as they truly are without need of medical intervention. Giving one the ability to be able to be their authentic selves in all areas of their lives including changing their birth certificate is not to be underestimated and so empowering.

Let us hope that this bill gets through both Houses quickly and seamlessly in the next months so indeed we can say Victoria is a state that is forward thinking and truly diverse and inclusive of all.

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Transgender woman testifies at human rights tribunal after being refused Brazilian wax | CBC News

Transgender woman Jessica Yaniz testifies at human rights tribunal in British Columbia, Canada after being refused Brazilian wax at over dozen salons. It is sad that this issue should even need to be raised at such a level as a human rights tribunal however that it is the reality of the world we world live in. Whilst one can understand the reluctance of salons to Brazilian wax a transgender female with male genitalia one would of thought one that there would be at least one salon willing to train its staff so they could provide this service to transgender people like Jessica.

Whilst without knowing all the facts it is hard to judge who is right and who is wrong in this case however it does shows that some people are still reluctant to accept transgender in society let alone understand or acknowledge as human beings who have every right to be part of society.

True integration means that people are acknowledged and accepted for who they are without fear or prejudice. It also means that diversity and inclusion are the norm in society rather than for some but not all. Having laws is one thing however change in society and its attitudes towards transgender people is a completely different thing again.

It will be interesting to see what the decision of the tribunal is and the reasons for their decision when this case is decided. One can only hope that justice will be served and the decision is a fair one.

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Can we effectively advance diversity and inclusion efforts in today’s political climate?

In Texas at a recent state bar meeting in Austin the question was asked during the presentation to the panel “can we effectively advance diversity and inclusion efforts in political climate?” This may be a difficult question for the panel to answer nonetheless it is a valid one given the state of play in USA at moment. However during this panel “Hon. Miller spoke of the need for more diversity in the courtroom.”

It seems in Texas thought that diversity and inclusion is improving with “Harris County Young Lawyers in the Courtroom Program, which encourages and litigants and counsel to be mindfril of opportunities for young lawyers to “stand up” and speak at hearings.” This is allowing for a young lawyer to be able to handle a hearing and be lead counsel given circumstances are appropriate for them to do so. This is a great initiative by Harris County and one that should be applauded as it is allowing for the inclusion of younger lawyers to have opportunities to be lead counsel.

Also having ‘17 African-American women elected to the bench recently’ is an improvement in diversity and shows that at least in Texas that diversity and inclusion is an important issue to the State Bar of Texas. Having more diversity and inclusive practices can only benefit the legal profession and the bench. Texas seems to have several “diversity initiatives in the state” which is great to see. Let us hope that these intiatives along with the on-going expansion in diversity of the bench will extend more and more elsewhere and to the legal profession and beyond.

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What is Leadership?

One often asks What is Leadership?

Leadership can mean different things to different people. For me leadership is about being able to lead in any situation at any given time where needed. It is similar to a baseball game in that you are always stepping up to the plate ready take to the next ball that is fired in knowing you have the ability to smash it out of the ball park. It is also about knowing when to step back and let things go through to the backstop, taking a breath and resetting yourself for the next ball.

You also have to vision and be ready to stand out from the crowd who don’t necessarily always like you or agree with you. You have to be willing to take a stand on certain things realising that not everyone will see your point of view. You have to prepare yourself for the hits and criticism. If you develop a thick skin over time to handle this which comes through experience and awareness of what is being said you so know how to handle it appropriately.

I have learned as you develop your leadership skills as a leader then you are better equipped to handle all situations. I have also learned about people’s different behaviour patterns which has taught about different people’s personalities as well. This has enabled me to deal with people in general as well help me develop relationships with people and organisations.

There are also a variety of attributes and skills you need to a great leader. You have to strive to be a great leader if you are not one already knowing this takes time. It takes time to grow into a role as a leader and staying on track as a leader. If you invest in your growth constantly developing yourself and your confidence then you will be able to lead in all situations successfully. You will be also be able to lead your team well through the good times and the bad times.

Now whilst I acknowledge that I only have some of the answers to what it takes to be a leader however collaboratively we as leaders have so much knowledge and wisdom to impart to each other as leaders and those we lead. So let us share our knowledge and wisdom to make the world a better place.

Finally I believe we all need empathy as leaders for without it how can we understand what others are going. Some of us are naturally empaths whilst for some it is something that they have to learn about to at least understand what it means to be empathetic. If we are empathetic then we can resolve problems more easily as well because we not only understand other people’s point of view but also why they feel the way they do about their point of view.

What does leadership mean to you?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments field.


What are the costs of doing nothing and never trying something new?

What is the cost to you because you never change or grow staying comfortable?

Have you ever thought that if you did do something different which makes you feel uncomfortable 😣 that you may actually find you like it. And what if that was your calling in life?

So think of the costs to you and your health if you don’t follow your passion and calling in life and go for it.

Kate Gleason College of Engineering recognized for diversity and inclusion initiatives | Rochester Institute of Technology | RIT

Great to see Kate Gleason College of Engineering recognized for diversity and inclusion initiatives in the “inaugural diversity recognition program established by the American Society of Engineering Education.”

If more organisations took some notice of what Kate Gleeson College of Engineering are doing then perhaps we would have more diverse and inclusive workplaces than we currently do. It seems to me that they have a good diversity and inclusion program and are serious about making it a priority in their organisation.

By having diversity programs in place and have a a pledge to improve diversity and inclusion is a great to increase numbers on campuses such as Kate Gleeson College from “groups who are currently under-represented.”

By having more training on diversity and inclusion with the right guidance and support then you not only create more awareness on it as well as increase the chances of any diversity and inclusion programs in your organisation succeeding. Along with the right support from management and continued monitoring of the program along with accountability one can envisage a future where this will be a standard practice and the norm rather than the exception having diversity and inclusion programs that actually work and are successful.

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