Pride and what it means to people

It is great to see so many people prepared to be open about what Pride means to them. Not only are they opening people’s eyes to what it means to be LGBTIQ+ but also by how they are impacting others around through running events or by simply sharing part of their story in this article.

I love how they can reflect on how things were in the past and how much farther forwards society has come realising that Pride is more than just a party. Pride is a recognition of not only where LGBTIQ+ people are viewed in society today and becoming more accepted but also how they have come.

I love the honesty in reading everyone’s story about how they view themselves and what they hope for the future. I agree with Freddy McConnell in that the “best thing about being trans is being trans and the worst thing about being trans is other people.” I can totally related to that as I feel comfortable in myself as being trans yet others generally just find it too hard or outside their comfort zone to be able to understand or comprehend trans people like myself and Freddy.

I hope that one day society will not be so fixed on our label and where we are on the LGBITQ+ spectrum but rather just understand us and realise we are not that much different to other people in society. Let us not focus so much on one’s identity but rather one as an individual and the beautiful soul that resides in most of us.

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